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Pony Express Rider Sculpture

7th & Broadway, Marysville, KS 66508

This 1985 Richard Bergen bronze sculpture is the largest sculpture of its kind in the Midwest. It
portrays the first Pony Express rider, Jack Keetley, carrying the mail west from Marysville, which he
did on April 3, 1860, on the initial run to Sacramento, California. The plaque recounts that the Pony
Express lasted just 18 months and in the 650,000 miles that riders traveled during that time, only
one rider was killed, one rider lost, and only one schedule not completed. The sculpture was made
possible by the R.L. and Elsa Helvering Trust and dedicated by Gov. John Carlin on July 4, 1985,
the 125th anniversary celebration of the Pony Express.